Elevadores Neum√°ticos Ib√©ricos S.L.¬†is the manufacturer of pneumatic vacuum elevators. Our goal is to respond to the problems of vertical transportation and accessibility within the home. We offer a new concept of home lifts to the market, which are innovative in design, and consist of a unique technology. Moreover, our vacuum lifts are easier to install, greener, safer and can be defined as “The appliance to lift people.”

Elevadores Neumáticos Ibéricos S.L. has developed its vacuum lifts considering the main problems that arise when installing a conventional elevator inside the house; as a result, it has managed to offer a new alternative to the sector of elevators. We manufacture vacuum lifts with no pits, no engine rooms, with minimal maintenance and which are easy to install.

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Elevadores Neumáticos Ibéricos S.L. is the only vacuum elevator manufacturer that has the CE mark and complies with the new Machinery Directive 2006/42. Proudly, it is also the only manufacturer that complies with the concept of "The appliance to lift people".


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Elevators Network Intelligent A.I.E., represents manufacturers, Elevadores Neumáticos Ibéricos S.L., Connect M2M World S.L., and Lifts4life S.L., which are specialized companies both individually and in groups. In response to the problems of vertical transportation and accessibility within the home, we make the maneuvers the consumer needs through the domestic manufacture of vacuum elevators with the latest technology and the most unique characteristics in the world. We operate with the mission of becoming "The appliance to lift people."

Elevators Network Intelligent A.I.E., is characterized by offering innovative home elevators, which solve the problems of vertical accessibility within the home while considerably taking care of the quality and service to its customers.
Elevators Network Intelligent A.I.E., has dealers that sell, install and provide after sales service of vacuum elevators in Europe, America and Asia.

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