Vacuum elevator - What is it?

The vacuum lift is a home elevator which is formed by a vertical cylindrical conduit and a cockpit that is located and moves by air extraction. Our pneumatic vacuum elevator is specially designed for easy installation in places where it is impossible to install a conventional elevator due to technical difficulties and architectural structure issues.

Our vacuum elevator without machine room requires no pit. Undoubtedly, it is the best alternative in home elevators on the market; it is indeed "the appliance to lift people."


 Our pneumatic vacuum elevator is easy to install and fits anywhere in the house as it requires no pit or machine room.
 Our vacuum lift contributes to the elimination of architectural barriers; therefore, it is suitable for transporting the disabled.
 Our pneumatic vacuum elevators have innovative design, elegance, functionality and are compact. Our vacuum elevator is really a panoramic lift and also a transparent elevator, allowing 360 degree visibility inside the house.
 Our vacuum lifts always stop at the exact level
 Our vacuum lift is absolute safety: in the event of an involuntary stop, the vacuum elevator automatically lowers to the floor below. It is an elevator without entrapment.
 With its unique aesthetic installation the vacuum lift fits all uses: residential, commercial, public or institutional, which makes our appliance the ultimate universal lift.
 Its 24-volt circuits eliminate the risk of electrocution
 The pneumatic vacuum elevator does not need lubrication and maintenance is minimal due to the absence of cables, pulleys, and pistons.
 It stops and starts extremely smooth
 Our vacuum lift is an ecological elevator: Uses energy efficiently during the descent due to gravity and low power consumption during ascent (turbines 220v). Above all, it is an elevator without fats or oils or lubricants.
 Our pneumatic vacuum elevator facilitates access to your home digitally which can also be coupled with our online service elevator monitoring system (M2M). This allows activation via remote commands. The collection of statistics and information on the use and status of your vacuum elevator is what makes it a smart elevator.