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What do we need to install ENI ?
You just need to have a gap from 95cms in diameter, a completely level ground and a height of around 250cms per plant. This should also have free access to the location where it is installed, which should have a width of 95cms to introduce modules.

Do we have to work on the floor where is located a pneumatic vacuum elevator?
We do not need to do if the ground where it will be located is level. Otherwise it is best to use leveling paste. Pneumatic elevators are self-supporting, that is placed over the existing floor and simply assembled modules and intermediate modules for each floor.

Do you have to do some work for the engine room?
No, not necessary. The quietest model is called Split and is a tight and watertight box usually installed outside the house in the same way you do with air conditioning motors. In this model, draw the most appropriate way in which they should go the 2 tubes of 110 coming from the top drawer of the computer from where the aspiration is necessary. The other model, called head, is integrated into the machine, but is noisier.

What factors of civil works could affect the operation of the machine?
Factors that may affect the operation are basically leveling the existing soil and place the elevator in vertical plumb. If mode balcony, which are usually installed in stairwells, could lose level when assembled the parts that allow disembark, as they are often adjusted after installation of the equipment, causing equipment to pull the plant into these parts. Operators sometimes forget this detail, checking the plumb line of the elevator in the last settings of these items. This is especially sensitive factor in 4 and 3 stops, but could also affect 2 stops if the loss of level is wide.

How long does it take to install an ENI933(UB37)?
It depends on the stops and especially the difficulty in accessing the modules (234cms high and 95cms wide) to locate the elevator. Under the best conditions of access, an elevator with two or three stops can be installed in two days, the first for the whole assembly and the second for the adjustments and get it going. An elevator with four stops, would require an extra day more for assembly. But in practice, particularly issues with the endings of the work, it usually takes more, in some cases up to a week.

Why install a pneumatic lift instead of a hydraulic or an electric one?
This is difficult to answer because most installations are due to the difficulty or have been discarded to make something else. In any other elevator pit is a necessary, or at best, a small mini-pit, or a simulated pit structure, which involves a ramp.Another important reason is the materials which the pneumatic vacuum elevators are built, aluminum and polycarbonate, which makes it the lightest in the market, making it possible to install, for example, in duplex.But there are still more factors that can also be very interesting therefore essential, as not only its modularity and portability, which allows to install and uninstall completely if necessary, but also the technology that makes it cleaner elevator, because it does not use pistons, or pulleys, or cables, among others.Finally what really makes it special is its fully panoramic 360º, cylindrical and transparent shapes, allowing it to be installed in the middle of a room, a hallway, or wherever you want not only without breaking the existing architectural harmony but also allowing visibility of the environment in all its angles.

What if I have to use wheelchair?
A folding chair and the corresponding integrated handles, which allow you to travel comfortably seated, are designed on the model 933 (UB37). For cases where it is absolutely essential that the passenger is traveling with a wheelchair, there is model 1316 (UB52), which is valid for three people and for any wheelchair, with a 80cm wide door and can accommodate over five people. However, only three people are allowed to be transported, because of the approval has been submitted under the new European directive 2006/42 machines.

Am I required to maintain these elevators?
Not currently, according to European Directive 2006/42 machines. It is not mandatory on all machines marked with this directive however it is advisable, as the use it is put to the elevator. You can also say that they are machines with high functionality and very low maintenance, especially for not having pistons, pulleys, cables, etc.

What guarantee does the elevator?
The guarantee by law, that is two years parts, the first six months of labor and parts, and the first month labor, parts and travel. They are applicable from the date of completion of installation and must appear on the label bearing the CE marking.

Who attends the guarantee and service this equipment?
The dealer who sold the machine is responsible for the guarantee that compliance is mandatory for the manufacturer to provide parts to replace, that the distributor runs with their installers, within the standard procedures that the manufacturer supports the agreement with its distributors and their quality plan. In the same way, it is the dealer with technicians and installers who gives all post-sales support to the elevators that have sold, with all the technical support and application procedures are available from the factory, if they apply.

Where to buy this system at the best price?
The best price you can find at any dealer without exception, as there is a recommended price and uniform price policy. They may be diverse in terms of the solution to implement, but does not apply to a unit of the elevator, in any model whatsoever. You can adjust other items, such as the degree of ease of installation, adjustment and deliveries, planning to undertake civil works, etc. Except for those specific deals with a specific duration are designed to improve sales or other objectives of general interest or to a group.

How much time is required to provide a pneumatic lift from the time the purchase is accepted?
Since the operation is indicated for the dealer, the manufacturer's standard procedure is to provide within 60 to 90 days for the model 933 (UB37) and 90 to 120 days for the model 1316 (UB52). It has the premise that 15 days before delivery, we must have the exact measurements of intermediate modules, which are the sections that connect the different modules of the floor, and rendering them to the ground level of each floor.

How many of these elevators are installed and where I can try one?
There are over 2800 units around the world. In Spain there are 200. To view and test a pneumatic elevator, you must either consult with your dealer, or view on map the closest dealer who can guide you. You can consult this website to see the different demonstration elevators that are installed.

Can I install one of these elevators at an apartment building?
They are not anti-vandalism system, as it does many or most of the elevators that are installed in multifamily buildings. But its use is not limited as long as they comply with manufacturer's specifications. This made ??for indoor or under the covers that do not allow the entry of a certain humidity level and not allow the car to a certain temperature rise. However, the manufacturer's recommendation is related more to the concept of "appliance for lifting persons", so we must think that should be treated the same way as a household appliance. So a refrigerator is not broken by the number of times used, but how it is used. A slam can cause cold leak, or not adequately clean the ice will reduce its functionality, etc.. These specifications are in the manual, which is available on this website.

Is it true that these systems can be disassembled and reassembled?
Yes it is. They are actually a "mecano" consisting of a "module floor0 standard" and one or more "standard floor modules" (floor 1, floor 2, floor 3, maximum). These modules are attached to the intermediate modules made ??as appropriate. All the elements are united with rings that seal the cylinder and also link the different modules. The hoops are easily removed, allowing disassembly. The rest of the situation is marked by the difficulty that exists in the civil works, which may affect or prevent the removal practice. For example, in the many trade shows where you have installed, you typically have two-stop elevators in operation for widespread use by people who attend these shows. This is because such lifts are typically installed in 2 to 4 hours and uninstalled in less time than usual.

Are installation prices standardized?
Yes, they are. The price recommended by the manufacturer to assembly, adjustment and commissioning, is 10% of the total price the elevator with all options and accessories purchased. But this does not include transportation or special shipments, or cranes, or electrical installation other than their own machine (which only needs a mains 220v and a "RCD" 25A-30A), or landings, or related topics with civil works, or auctions, or painting, etc.

If we get more than one agree to install this equipment, we would have a discount?
It is very possible, but this policy is applied by distributors. The manufacturer itself is supporting these initiatives, but only if they comply with the procedures we have established for it in the distribution network.

Are there special rates for promotions?
There are none. There are basically two procedures, which are based on initiatives and procedures designed to dealers marked with, whether two or more elevators, or ten or more elevators and special operations. These are dealers who once tested economic, geographical, technical and casuistic parameters with arguments defending the corresponding actions of the promoters on the basis of units, financial condition and delivery and implementation of facilities, among others.